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Web Design / Site Design

Demo Module

Informative & Interactive Product Intro

Client: CallFire

Date: 2014

CallFire has multiple products and several ways to use them. The demo module was created to give customers an interactive way to learn more about each product with videos, tutorials and free demos. It was also designed to be inserted into any webpage using the Drupal platform.

Landing Page

General Landing Page Design

Client: EZ Texting

Date: 2014

Designed as a general introduction to EZ Texting's SMS messaging services.

New Product Landing Page

Introducing MMS

Client: EZ Texting

Date: 2014

Online: View Page

This page served as a introduction to the latest product provided by EZ Texting — MMS. It was designed with a clean, modern design while remaining informative with interactive videos and more.

ROI Calculator

Interactive ROI Calculator

Client: CallFire

Date: 2014

Designed to be an interactive tool for CallFire customers who were looking to know what each product's ROI was with their provided information.

Primal Body Redesign

Proposed Site Redesign

Client: Primal Body

Date: 2015

This design was given as a proposal for a clean, fresh site redesign for this up and coming brand's homepage.