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previous branding

Group Texting Old Logo
Group Texting Old Website
Group Texting: Before
Previously, Group Texting's logo was simple and legible- however it lacked quality and design. The logo needed to be recognizable to a youthful, professional crowd.

Outdated and word heavy, the old website for Group Texting needed a complete overhaul to become on trend and mobile responsive.

New branding

Project Details

Client: Group Texting, sub-brand of CallFire

Date: 2015

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Group Texting's brand needed to relate to a more youthful, spirited customer while still portraying a professional image. With an updated color palette and the use of smart, colorful tones — the redesign took on a light hearted feel. A new logo with geniune design elements and clean, modern structure was
created along with a completely new website. The user experience was developed through heat map studies and other test methods to best understand navigation techniques and more. The result is a mobile friendly site that relates to customers and creates a seamless experience throughout.
Group Texting Brand Color Options
Group Texting Brand Color Options
New Site: Color Options
While designing, a few different color palettes were considered. The best solution was to see the results in a formal mockup for comparing and contrasting.
New Site: Complete Brand Packaging
Along with Group Texting's rebranding and site redesign, new marketing material was also created. This included: banner ads, social media templates & campaigns, trade show booth designs, print ads, flyers, handouts, landing pages, email templates & more.
Group Texting Landing Page Design
Group Texting Email Design

Group Texting Use Case & Guide Mini Site

The Use Case & Product Selection Guide for Group Texting is best defined as a mini site within the actual main page. The goal was to provide a resource for customers to use when choosing the plan that suited their needs. User experience and user interaction was essential in the mini sites design and development — creating a seamless, user–friendly flow while still staying within brand guidelines.